Law and Technology

Introduction to Law & Technology – Brad Rosen @ Yale

Open Data

Open data @ The Open Data Institute



Political Corruption and Governance – Xiaobo Lu @ Columbia

Corruption in the Health Sector – Taryn Vian @ BU

Special Studies in Comparative Politics: Comparative Corruption and Organized Crime – Miriam A. Golden @ UCLA

Courses @ The Anti-corruption Research Network

Using Technology To Combat Fraud & Corruption @ International Anti Corruption Resource Center

Dynamic systems (introductory courses to systemic thinking)

Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers – Karl Åström and Richard Murray @ Caltech

Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems – Stephen Boyd @ Stanford

Wolfram Library Archive: Engineering > Control Theory

Complex networks (introductory courses to networks)

Complex Systems – Mark Newman @ University of Michigan

Introduction to Networks – Lada Adamic @ University of Michigan

Social Network Analysis – Lada Adamic @ University of Michigan

Harvard Kennedy School Networks, Complexity and its Applications – Cesar Hidalgo @ MIT Media Lab

Statistical Models and Methods for Networks – Stephen E. Fienberg @ CMU

Networks – K. Daron Acemoglu and Asu Ozdaglar @ MIT

Tutorials about models of social networks – Jure Leskovec @ Stanford

Networks – Jon Kleinberg @ Cornell

The structure of information networks – Jon Kleinberg @ Cornell

Networking – Michael T. Heaney @ University of Michigan

Networked Life – Michael Kearns @ University of Pennsylvania

Social Choice and Networks @ Berkeley

Center for Network Science @ Central European University, Hungary

Hybrid systems

Hybrid and Switched Systems – Joao Hespanha @ UC Santa Barbara

Introduction to Hybrid Systems and Control – Meeko Oishi @ University of British Columbia

Hybrid Systems – Wei Zhang @ Ohio State

Game theory (introductory courses to decision making and strategic thinking)

Game theory – Benjamin Polak @ Yale – A resource for educators and students of game theory

Game Theory with Engineering Applications – Asu Ozdaglar @ MIT

Decision Theory I – Larry Blume @ Cornell

Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences – Herbert Gintis @ University of Massachusetts

Game Theory Evolving – Herbert Gintis @ University of Massachusetts

Quantitative methods

Analytic Methods for Lawyers – David Friedman @ Santa Clara University

Analytical Methods – Kathryn E. Spier @ Harvard

Getting started on your research

 Identify best sources

Technical Presentations

Technical Writing suggestions and resources – Michalis Faloutsos @ UCR

Research Methodology

Reviewing Papers

Word Processing: Latex


Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Wolfram Education Portal


How to finish a PhD – Matthias Schonlau @ University of Waterloo