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  • OCCRP – Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
  • IPAB – I Paid a Bribe

Input-based indicators

Perception-based indicator

  • MSI – International Research & Exchange Board
  • POLITY IV – George Mason University and Colorado State University

Objective indicator

  • CPIA – The World Bank: Country Policy and Institutional Assessment

Output-based indicators

Perception-based indicators

Objective indicators

  • IAG– Index of African Governance
  • GCI – The World Economic Forum
  • FW – Freedom House
  • EIU – Economist Intelligence Unit
  • DB – The World Bank: Doing Business project
  • PEFA – World Bank: Public Expenditure & Financial Accountability

Input & output-based indicators

  • OBI – International Budget Partnership
  • GII – Global Integrity (focuses on anti-corruption mechanisms)
  • IAG – The Mo Ibrahim Foundation
  • WGI – The World Bank. Measures corruption in the public and private sector.
To avoid the labeling trap dig underneath indicators to understand what each is trying to measure. Input-based indicators try to capture information about the existence and strength of laws, regulations, and institutions – anti-corruption efforts/inputs – providing key benchmarks that lead to good governance practices. Also known as rule-based indicators. Output-based indicators do not try to measure what is causing the problem nor point to potential solutions. They are useful to assess progress towards a desired objective of anti-corruption or governance reform policies. Also known as outcome-based indicators.

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  • CDA – Catalogo de Datos Abiertos – Colombia
  • GovData360 – The World bank GovData360
  • WB – The World Bank development indicators
  • The Fund for Peace – Failed State Index
  • Freebase
  • AWS – Public Data Sets on Amazon’s Web Services
  • USASpending
  • ACRN – Anti-corruption Research Network
  • Observatorio – Anticorrupción y de Integridad – Colombia
  • Walk Free – fights to end human trafficking. For more information on child trafficking go to ZOE
  • OpenSecrets –  Center for Responsive Politics
  • HRI – Humanitarian Response Index (2007-2011)


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A quick overview on what data cities are sharing can be found here.

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